Friday, 9 October 2015

No Friday Finish

Alas, no Friday finish to link up this week, partly because my husband has taken my little camera on a work trip, so I only have these WIP pics from earlier in the week to share.

I was inspired to make this mini spool block having seen the pincushion on Faith's blog (Fresh Lemons Quilts) a few weeks ago.  Faith kindly supplied a foundation piecing (paper piecing) pattern for the block which comes out at 4 1/2" unfinished.  I am making mine into a pincushion too, so tune in next week for a finish...  

And I have been working on these Interwoven Strips blocks: having madly chain pieced I now have 49 ten-inch blocks, enough for a generous sized quilt BUT when giving the blocks a good press I noticed that some of the interweaving was a bit off.

Usually it was only one part of the block that didn't line up, often because of a slightly inconsistent seam allowance.  And although we're only talking an eighth of an inch it was just too noticeable to ignore, especially with the high contrast between the strips and the plain background.

What would you have done?  I am not usually madly fussy about small inaccuracies in my piecing.  I like to think they add homely charm....  But sometimes it does bother me, and I reckoned that this was one of those times when it really would be worth putting things right before going any further.

So my seam ripper and I spent an afternoon unpicking the offending sections and re-stitching.  It didn't take all that long and I felt so virtuous afterwards.  I hope to get the top together for your inspection by the end of next week.

Enjoy your weekend, whether you are sewing, or unsewing...

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