Wednesday, 25 March 2015

In circles

As in, running around in circles...  Teaching, entertaining, cooking and tidying up.  Hospital appointments for my mother-in-law.  All the stuff that leaves you with nothing to show for how you have spent your day, but nonetheless necessary.

Not much sewing done, so all I can show you is a little hand applique of the circles block for my Quartet BOM (and also here).  I am no great shakes at applique so have been putting this off for a while; however, now that I have actually started, I am getting into the swing of it.

I am using YLI silk thread in either soft grey or light brown because one or the other colour blends with most of the taupe shades, and the very fine thread means my not-very-neat stitches melt into the fabric.

Hope to be more productive next week.  Meanwhile, here's a lovely colour study of Helleborus lividus, all dusky pinky and creamy yellow with beautiful marbled leaves.  Spring is definitely on the way...

Linking to Lee at Freshly Pieced: WIP Wednesday.  Love her studio.

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