Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Windy Wednesday

Gosh, it has been breezy here the past couple of days.  Here is my Interwoven Strips top blowing in the wind.  

You can see that I have added extra strips into the outer border to enhance the ribbon effect.  

The top is now ready for quilting.  I am slightly nervous as I think I want to try free motion quilting it, but that's not my strong suit and this is quite a large top (84" square).  

It may be a while before this one is finished...

By contrast I love my walking foot and I have spent the past week quilting this top which I pieced in 2013. 

If I can handstitch the binding tomorrow, and get some decent photos, I will show you the finish on Friday.


  1. Very colourful! Nothing like practice for the free motion quilting I've found...!

  2. Love that binding and backing on the quilt you have quilted - looking forward to seeing the front. I say just go for it with the free-motion, practise makes for improvement at least - and I've found it gets increasingly more fun too.

  3. Love those Interwoven Strips quilt--is there a pattern available for it?? hugs, Julierose