Friday, 27 November 2015

Rose Star block finish

What a week, busy, busy.  I went to a class on Tuesday with Carolyn Forster at The Eternal Maker in Chichester with my friend Sylvia.  The weather this week has been dreary, grey and wet, so what could be better than a day of sewing and shopping?

During the course of the day I made a complete block of the Rose Star One-patch.  This was an achievement: there are 72 pieces in a block and they are all kite shaped!  It is an amazing block and quite hard to get your head round at first (or even second or third), but with Carolyn's help and guidance on the piecing and especially pressing order, the block went together really sweetly.

Since Tuesday I have made three more blocks - but I don't have photos yet to show you.  Each block measures approx 27" across the middle so I will only need seven blocks and a few half blocks to make a quilt.  Great fun to try a block which uses such a different set of shapes and angles.

What else have I done?  Well, we have had some work done to our windows which meant I couldn't go out for a couple of days and I did some hand sewing of a binding.  Photos of the finished quilt will have to follow.

And I have joined in with the Moda Sampler Block Shuffle: you can see the blocks here at Fat Quarter Shop.  Blocks 7 and 8 were released today so I have not tackled them yet, but I am otherwise up to date, and I have actually been making two of each block in reverse colourways.  They don't take long and it is quite fun to play around with the lights and darks.  I will post more about these soon.

So lots going on, even though Christmas preparation looming - I have made the Christmas puddings but I have done nothing else yet.

I am claiming the Rose Star block as my finish since it is as big as a mini quilt and linking to Finish it up Friday with Crazy Mom Quilts.

Have a great weekend.


  1. Great rose star block...that's an accomplishment with 72 pieces! Can't wait to see the middle quilt finished, I love that V and Co. fabric.