Tuesday, 10 October 2017


Well, what a month it has been.  The day after my last blogpost, a month ago today, my dear mum-in-law died peacefully and not unexpectedly, just three weeks short of her 90th birthday.  She had patiently endured poor health for over a decade, and had lived long and been much loved, but it is still sad that her always kind and encouraging presence has gone from our lives.

The past month has been as you might imagine, but we are now getting back on track and I even managed some sewing yesterday.  I still have a backlog of photos from the summer to share with you, so hope to start posting again regularly soon.  I was going to share some pictures today but I find that my dear husband, who has gone abroad for work this week, has taken the gadget I need to be able to transfer pics from my camera to the computer (yes, stone age technology still rules in our house).

So thank you for bearing with yet another period of silence and a few more days of 'visual silence'.  I hope to make it up to you later with a feast of photos!  Meanwhile I wish you joy in your quilting endeavours and happiness in your home life.

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