Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Apron strings and pretty things

Tried for a Friday finish last week, even took the photos, but just no time to write a post. So here is what I would have posted had there been more hours in the day: utility sewing, nothing fancy but still with that great sense of achievement that sewing, any sort of making really, gives.

I LOVE being able to make useful things and not having to buy everything ready made.  It is a power (OK maybe not a superpower, though I could make my own cape if it was a superpower) but it makes me feel powerful in a small, domestic way, to be able to make a few tablecloths and aprons for our Street Tea Party last Saturday.

So what was that all about?  Well, even those of you who live further afield may know that our Queen, Queen Elizabeth II, is 90 years old.  She has a real birthday, 21st April, but she also has an official birthday in June when she attends the Trooping of the Colour ceremony (that happens every year and it is the same for other monarchs, going back to 1748 according to Wikipedia).

This year, because she is ninety (and incidentally our longest reigning monarch at over 64 years and counting, beating Queen Victoria) there have been celebrations of various sorts organised in London and also at a local level throughout the country.  In our small village it was decided we would have a Street Tea Party (amongst other events) and guess who got asked to 'pour the tea' aka organise the teas side of the whole thing (which at a tea party is most of it...).

Anyway despite a bit of grumbling in the planning stages, mostly generated buy anxiety at not knowing exact numbers for the catering, it was a fantastic day: the weather was kind, everyone mucked in and lent a hand, lots of people came and ate heartily so there was enough food but not too much left over - such a relief! - the kids had fun on the bouncy castle, and it was a real community event with all ages and across all groups.

And the T-team wore matching pinnies in Cath Kidston style florals from IKEA (£5 a metre, get it before it's gone) made by yours truly.  I had the same fabric quite a few years ago and made three large tablecloths which I have used and used many times for all sorts of occasions.  These are at the bottom of the pile in the photo below.

I rushed to IKEA a couple of weeks ago to get whatever cheap fabric I could for aprons and to my delight, the florals have been reissued (though if I'm honest, not quite such good quality fabric) for a limited time.  I scooped up enough to make six simple aprons with contrast pockets and straps. I just copied the pattern from a favourite apron; very simple sewing, speedy but satisfying.

I also bough some grey/white gingham (much better fabric, a bit thicker but also brilliant value at £8 per metre, 150 cm wide) and made eight small tablecloths for card tables.

Now it is on with the remaining organisation for the fete in three weeks' time so I can't see myself doing any more sewing till August at this rate.  I will have another quilt to post about shortly though - remember the Bargello wedding quilt?  Stay tuned for photos soon.

Have a great weekend if you are celebrating anything at all - my daughter will be home for her birthday and her two brothers also, so I shall be very busy and happy catching up with all their news.

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