Friday, 4 December 2015

Charm Pack Cherry - finished

Hi all.  Finally some brighter weather (though the garden is looking a bit bleak) so I have been able to photograph this little quilt (52" x 54"), made with two Charm packs and some plain fabric.

I followed the tutorial and free pattern from Fat Quarter Shop (see the link in this post, scroll down past the Liberty quilt) and it really was a very easy and speedy quilt to make.

I used every single Charm: I was slightly short on backing fabric but I pieced the twelve leftover 5" squares into a strip which gave me just enough extra width.  So great when that works out.

The quilting was straightforward which meant this top has been finished without excessive delay.  It's a bit wrinkly so I think it could do with a wash so it crinkles up properly and relaxes.  

The binding was from stash and, serendipitously, turned out to be an ombre navy from V and Co: you can see the subtle shading in the photo below.

Thought you might also like to see the progress I have made since my last post on the Rose Star One patch.  

I have been slightly obsessed with these over the past week or so, and have made seven blocks and two half blocks (half blocks pictured below), but I must now put them away for a while.  

They are not the easiest blocks to photograph but I hope you will get a general sense of just how much fun I have had choosing the colours to bounce off one another.  

For some reason the blocks make me think of circuses (the shape of the big top, maybe, or just the sort of bright colours often found on circus posters or in fairgrounds?).

But they are also reminiscent of children's kaleidoscopes; I used to love turning the cardboard tube and seeing the little translucent plastic shapes fall and form into new patterns.  Do you remember these?  Simple pleasures in a pre-computer world.

Enjoy your weekend.


  1. The make me think of the circus also. The circles that were rolled in for the elephants to stand on. I love them