Friday, 26 June 2015

Lozenge EPP - finished!

Hooray for a Friday finish!

Although I have not had a lot of sewing time recently I have been plugging away at my EPP project whenever I had a few minutes, usually watching (not actually watching much, you understand) my son do sport.

I started this some years ago on a very long train journey to Scotland.  Making the hexagons, out of scrap taupe strips from another quilt, was the easy and addictive part of the process, and I put them to one side while I pondered what to do with them.

I decided on the lozenge shape in preference to the more usual Grandmother's Flower Garden setting and first blogged about this project here.  So I am counting this finish as from September 2014 rather than from whenever I first started the paper folding of hexies.  Quite speedy by my standards, as you will see when I show you the next hand quilting WIP which will shortly take over from this one as my take along project.

I always think handquilting takes forever but in fact this wasn't too bad as it was not too large a piece (40" x 42").  It's hard to beat the broken, dimpled line you get with the running stitches, even when like mine they are far from perfect.  I cut my binding strips only 2" for the usual doublefold binding, so that it would be quite skinny and not overpower the fairly narrow border.

Couldn't resist showing you this picture of an unimpressed dog: quilts aren't really his thing.
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