Friday, 17 April 2015

Spring flowers

My finish today is the Disappearing Hourglass which I started here and continued here: a flowery quilt for the spring flowers and blossom we are enjoying at present.  It is not quilted but the blocks are all made and the top is together.  As I have to go shopping for a backing, that's as much of a finish on this project as I can manage for the time being.

The top ended up measuring 42" x 56", that's 48 seven-inch blocks set 6 x 8.  As I write this I think I might just add a narrow white border to float the blocks and give the eye a place to rest before the binding.  But I'm counting it as a finish all the same!

Lots of gardening at the moment, the plants are growing almost visibly in the glorious warm sunshine.  So quilting is taking a bit of a back seat.  Here is a glimpse of some of my ongoing projects though: I hope you will see them come to a finish in the next few weeks.

I'm linking today to Crazy Mom Quilts: Finish it up Friday.  Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. So nice! Your quilt top looks fantastic! And your WIPs are eye candy for sure!!!

  2. nice projects ! love your colours/fabrics in your diamond star quilt (lonestar ?)
    Colleen @

  3. Love the colours in the disappearing hourglass quilt.

  4. I really like the spring colors in your finished top. I made one in red, white, and blue, so it looked very different. Enjoy your garden.