Saturday, 1 November 2014

Resolutions - partly achieved

Well, I have tried really hard since my last post to fit in some sewing, having made myself accountable to you.  And I can report progress:

I have made 13 flower blocks for the Thimbleberries Mark 2.  I now need to buy a few more plains to be able to complete the remainder.  Not enough variety among my plain scraps in the muted, greyed palette.

I have made 15 Chandelier blocks out of a total of 18 plus two half blocks needed for the QAL with Lee - I know I am behind but at least I have managed something!

I have worked on a small quilt which I can't show you as it is for a magazine - but that had ground to a halt too, so it's good to be moving again.

My Remembrance quilt is stuck as I hate the quilting I have done so far; it is a pain to rip out as the Aurifil thread has sunk into the 80:20 wadding and I don't want to damage the fabric.  I need really good light to see the stitches properly but have had no spare daytime recently.  But I have set a deadline of 11 Nov which I had thought would be a breeze - huh, not looking so likely now.  Quilting gods out to humble me again.

Looking back at the last month, I guess the only proper finish was the Whirly Windmills quilt posted here so I'll claim that for my link to Lily's Quilts Fresh Sewing Day.

October has been a difficult month; I have been trying to provide some practical support for a dear friend who has been bereaved.  Sewing has been a blessing, even the small amount I have managed to fit in, and I am especially grateful at the moment to be able to unwind at my machine at the end of the day.

I hope your time spent sewing brings you joy and peace too.

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  1. Visiting from Fresh Sewing Day. That flower block is quite attractive, and like you, no matter how much fabric I have, there is always a color missing. Just so it isn't also missing at the shops!