Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Bright Charm Star

A few finishes in the offing at last - hope to be able to report some completed by Friday.  Do you work on several (or lots) of different projects at once, or are you focused and see a quilt through from start to finish before you begin something new?

I think you may know already which sort of quilter I am, so I will confess to being immersed in more WIPs than I am prepared to spend precious time counting.  Part of the problem is teaching, because I am often making samples in alternative colourways to promote classes or try out new ideas for what might become a class; part is the past classes I have done myself as a student - I have quite a few projects I started and then I diverted to another class without finishing the earlier quilt.  Not a bad way to acquire new skills in a short time, but not good in terms of seeing a quilt through to the end, which also yields important lessons, not least in developing quilting skills.

So this blog, and my paper journal which preceded it, is intended to help me do some serious finishing.  Don't misunderstand me, I absolutely love teaching and the opportunities it gives me to share tips and ideas and to see other people discovering p&q and enjoying their sewing.  I also love taking new classes to be on the receiving end of new ideas and tips, to meet and be inspired by other people's work and to try something a little outside my comfort zone.  But I need to finish stuff too...

So I am very happy that I have a few things approaching the finish line which have been pieced and lying about for a while.  First up today is my Bright Charm Star, previously mentioned on 21 October 2013 (haven't yet learned how to link to my earlier posts!).  I had fun making this bright version with charm packs from Wrens & Friends by Gina Martin, Snap Pop by Sandy Gervais, and Simply Color by Vanessa Christensen of V and Co. all for Moda.

I wanted a relatively quick finish as I completed the piecing well before Christmas, so, having caught up with recent posts from Rita of Red Pepper Quilts, I decided to have a go at her style of dense grid quilting. I based the grid on the little 1" squares which make up the centres of the stars.

Actually, to be truthful, I didn't set out with this intention: I did what I usually do, which is to quilt the sashing for stability, then quilt some more lines (in this case, either side of the pieced centre square) and then think about whether the quilt needed more quilting.  I felt that it definitely did and, having seen Rita's lovely quilts, decided to give the 1" grid a go.

I am very pleased with the result which I think suits the style of the quilt, though I am sure my grid lines aren't as beautifully straight as hers. So thank you, Rita, for inspiring me - I am delighted to have tried something new.  I just have to stitch down the binding now and get it into my LQS.
(Backing fabric: Simply Style by Vanessa Christenson)

Despite good intentions over recent months only to buy new fabric for backings and to use what I have at home for all my tops, I couldn't resist a few purchases at the recent quilt show at Ardingly in West Sussex and from creativequilting.co.uk.  A little taste of spring as we face yet more greyness, wind and rain this week.  Oh well, at least I needn't feel guilty about not being out in the garden...

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