Friday, 12 January 2018

Beautiful baskets

For Finish it up Friday's link up at Crazy Mom Quilts I am showing you photos of the baskets Miriam, Sophie and I made just before Christmas and which I have only now got around to photographing.

We used the free One hour basket Tutorial (available here) and chose Bosal In-R-Form for the 'wadding': it is a bit too bouncy really to be referred to as wadding in my view, but it does give a firm structure, and as the girls wanted their baskets for storing their fabric collection it was a good choice.  As you will see from the photos it really helps the baskets to hold their shape.  

Despite its bulk, the foam was easy to stitch through with a regular needle and ordinary machine foot, and I am about to order some more so we can make a few more baskets in other delicious fabric combinations to brighten up our sewing areas.

We tweaked the pattern slightly as some of our fat quarters were on the skinny side: read through the instructions first and measure your lining FQ.  If it is a little shy of 21" deep ie top to bottom, you will need to reduce the height of the side panels slightly for both inner and outer.  I think mine ended up being 9 1/4" whereas Miriam managed to get 10 1/2" for hers.  The difference isn't particularly noticeable in the finished baskets.

We did use lightweight interfacing to reinforce the lining fabric (I tend to do this for all my bags and pouches as quilting fabric on its own is a little thin for such articles).  You will see that some of the  basket handles stand up better than others so next time we will probably include a bit of interfacing in the handle pieces.  

Here the fabric has been beautifully arranged by the girls, and I hope you will see it all find its way into quilts this year.

Have fun this weekend if you are planning a spot of fabric stroking, or even sewing.  If you have a spare hour you could make a basket!

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