Saturday, 17 June 2017

French Quilt Show Part 2

Very belatedly, and in haste as I am about to go on a short holiday, here are the rest of the photos from my lovely visit to Nantes for the Quiltmania show at the end of April: see this post for Part 1 photos.

The pictures are of the historic Welsh quilts from the collection of Jen Jones. If you want to know more about the history, here is the link to the book Jen has written which is published by Quiltmania. The quilts were made mostly during the 19th century from wool and densely handquilted. 

I have seen reproductions of several of these quilts in various books, but to see so many of them brought together was amazing. And to be able to get up close and see the intricacy of the handquilting which overlays the piecing was really wonderful.  

While the piecing is reminiscent of Amish quilts the Welsh quilting patterns are in a style which is all their own, much more organic with leaves, spirals and paisley shapes. I bought a book of Welsh quilting designs so maybe one day I will embark on my own version....

The quilt in the next two pictures is rather different in that it is not quilted, being made from thousands of pieces of wool, probably clothing scraps, very finely pieced together in a dazzling, intricate and very large top. It is so big I have only been able to photograph a small section.

I really love piecing but even I would find making this a daunting prospect!

There are also a couple of photos showing the traditional Welsh costume for women from the same period. The fitted jacket over the skirt and apron looks as though it would be quite flattering to wear and certainly warm for the winter, but maybe not ideal summer wear and not easy to launder: I write this after a very hot day here!

Apologies for the brevity of this post but I hope you find the photos of interest.  For me they are a reminder not only of a great show but of our connection to the women of the past who lived very different lives to our own but who made beautiful quilts full of life and energy from the simple materials they had available.

Wishing you a creative time in your own lives, and I will check in again on my return from Italy!

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  1. Thank you, these are very different designs to what I thought Welsh quilts looked like. Especially loved seeing the close up photos of the quilting patterns, amazing!