Wednesday, 19 April 2017

En vacances!

Hi everyone, I am so excited - I am off to Nantes tomorrow for the wonderful French quilt show organised by Quiltmania, Pour l'Amour du Fil.

Just one more sleep then I am away for two nights and, more importantly, a whole day and a half at the show. Stand by for lots of photos when I return!

Meanwhile, my last finish seems a long time ago, and I have scared myself by digging out the next batch of UFO's: three quilts' worth of blocks waiting to be joined into tops and then quilted...

This is a strategic move so I don't go too mad with the spending money at the show, but we'll have to see how long my resolve holds. I have to tell you, my track record is not good.

Will keep you posted! Meanwhile, I hope you have the chance to do some fun things this weekend, quilty or otherwise.

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