Wednesday, 8 April 2015

WIP Wednesday - Quartet BOM progress

Quartet BOM:  I have managed to finish my first circles block!  Despite my avowed dislike of applique I really got into it with this project.

I have even started on prep for the second circles block: only 49 more tiny treasures to stitch...

Sorry about the threads - rushed to get these photos and didn't check the detail..

I also joined both the Log Cabin blocks, having spent the usual ridiculous amount of time agonising over the layouts...  Mind you, it is a lot easier to shuffle around 49 blocks which only measure 2 3/8" each and can fit on a tea tray, than 49 regular 6" or 8" blocks which need a design wall or most of the floor for laying out.

You will see that the first set of blocks (above) has a more random use of fabric whereas the second Log Cabin variation (below, at the layout stage) has the same fabric for each complete round of logs. Basically I got the wrong end of the stick with the first set, but I am making a virtue of it...  My BOM will be unique.

Linking to Lee at Freshly Pieced WIP Wednesday.

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