Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Quartet BOM progress

Pleased to report progress on this new project:  I have finished the blocks for Month 3 (still putting off the applique circles...) and here they are in all their delicious variety.
[Apologies for the colour cast - it has been grey and rainy all day today so the photos were taken under fluorescent light].

I had such fun making these little darlings: like the mini-Log Cabin blocks I showed you last post, these Square in Square beauties are trimmed to 2 3/8" and will be joined together 7 blocks x 7 to make one big block.

The process of choosing little scraps of fabric from the selection provided was all about looking at colour; some of the taupes are so subtle, I found I only really appreciated their delicate beauty when placing one in opposition to another.  So I started REALLY looking: is this grey a brown grey or a green grey?  Let's try it against a blue or a reddish brown and find out.

Some blocks I tried to blend/co-ordinate, with others I deliberately went for contrast/clash for a bit of piquancy.  After stitching and trimming, the individual pieces you can see are tiny; this has made it quite a different experience compared with piecing a bigger, ie normal sized, block where you can see a much larger amount of each fabric.  The centre square in half the blocks finishes at 7/8", and the even smaller centre square on point in the other blocks measures 5/8".

I also managed to lay out my EPP 'lozenges' and number the rows (which are going to be pieced together on the diagonal), so that means I will have plenty of hand sewing to do in quiet moments....

I hope you have managed to make progress on at least some of your projects this week?
I am going to have to pack away my sewing machine for the Christmas holidays so the race is on to get one or two things finished by the end of next week...
Good luck if you have similar ambitions, and Happy Thanksgiving for tomorrow to any American visitors.

I am linking today to Lee at Freshly Pieced: WIP Wednesday.

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