Wednesday, 3 September 2014


I thought I'd make up for lack of posts in August by writing a few more in September.  But with so many WIP's to choose from, I could link with Lee's blog every Wednesday from now until Christmas...

So for today, I'll show you my ongoing English paper piecing project, which I started a couple of years ago when I had a very long train journey to make to the north of Scotland.  It's amazing how many hexagons you can fold over papers in six hours!

It is a bit of a joke, me doing EPP hexagons, because when I was a teenager the only thing people thought of when patchwork was mentioned was hexagons over papers in the classic Grandmother's Flower Garden layout.  Usually made with dressmaking offcuts, so often including really ghastly fabrics (remember Crimplene, anyone?).  I hated that layout and vowed never to make a patchwork quilt.

Forty years on, who could have guessed that hexagons would be fashionable and fabulous in new fabrics, and that the whole EPP thing would be a trend?

I still can't bring myself to do a Grandmother's Flower Garden layout, so I have been experimenting with a diamond/lozenge shape; however I don't like the units placed edge to edge - too busy.

Inspiration finally dawned, and I have recently been covering 1" diamonds to set between the lozenges.  They will create a dark chain which I hope will give definition and unity to the design.

The fabrics are all leftovers from various Japanese taupe quilts.  I still seem to have a load of these in my stash.  I do like them, though they look a little drab beside my brighter, more contemporary fabrics.  I guess it's because it is nearly the end of summer here: once it is properly autumn, the cosy browns and greys will be right at home.

I love the fact that we patchworkers can change our palettes with the seasons, and that the wonderful fabric designers and manufacturers keep on producing in such quality and variety.  No more Crimplene, anyway!

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  1. Love the addition of the dark diamonds, and though I see what you mean about seasonal, this is going to be an absolutely gorgeous and rich-looking quilt. Will you also add little dark triangles, or is this not the final layout?

  2. Hi Toni Jo, Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Yes, I will be putting in little dark triangles where the chains intersect. I only realised they would be needed once I got the blocks up on the design wall, and I haven't got around to cutting some of the diamonds in half to cover with the dark brown fabric, sorry. But it shows you were paying attention! I love your Peace in Colour quilt; definitely tempted by the Lotus pattern, and the colours just sing - great finish.