Friday, 23 May 2014

Two finished tops and still not satisfied...

Two tops finished this week, though not yet quilted - hope that still counts as a finish for a link to Finish it up Friday at Crazy Mom Quilts?

The first is the Floral Double Irish Chain featured in my last post, so all I'll say is that I added a 2" border of Kona Solid Snow and a 3" (because that's all I had left) border of the pink linen floral (cut measurements) - very traditional but pretty all the same.  Sorry it's a bit creased in the photo - I rushed to get a picture between cloudbursts.  The finished top measures 46" square.

I found a perfect pink and green stripe in my stash for the backing so I am really thrilled about that, but I won't be able to quilt it for a few weeks: I am taking eleven kids from our village youth group to camp next week, so no quilting or blogging for a while.  I hope it doesn't rain as I'm a bit of a fair-weather camper....

Knowing that my sewing time is running out has made me go a bit mad the past few days.  I finished piecing the top I showed you just a few blocks of last time: it is a smaller version of a big quilt I made a few years ago from the 101 Fabulous Rotary Cut Quilts book by Judy Hopkins and Nancy J. Martin.  This book has been around a long time but it is still a great resource for classic designs; definitely worth revisiting regularly for inspiration.

The quilt combines a classic sawtooth star block with a clever alternate lattice or sashing block so the stars nestle more closely together.  I believe this design was created by Marsha McCloskey, one of my quilting heroines, and it is called Stardancer.  Look it up, it's a classic.  I would love one day to do a version using modern fabrics.

The quilt in the book has the extra delight of a pieced border, something I am also a  great fan of generally, especially if it uses up leftover fabric.

The sharp zigzag or chevron border looks complex but it is a doddle to make with strip piecing and rotary cutting.

This is also a good quilt to try because you can organise your scraps into colour families and really play around with the colour placement and value. It's the difference in value of the fabrics in the chevron that give the 3D concertina effect.

So although I am feeling far from Christmassy, with all the May sunshine we have been having and the garden in full bloom, by the time I teach the class Christmas will not be far away.  Just six red and six green 8" star blocks plus 13 gold alternate squares and the 7" chevron border, makes a lap quilt  47" square.  And more cause to celebrate - a holly print fabric from the cupboard will be just big enough for the back with careful piecing. Another one to quilt once camp is over....

Alas, the urge to cut up and chain piece fabric was still not satisfied, so I embarked on another 'clear out the closet' justification for my addiction: seeing all the lovely new 30's reproduction ranges on other blogs (such as Rita's, here, check out her post for Sunday 18 May) made me want to get out my old 30's leftovers from about 10 years ago.  Such happy colours.
 This is the result of my efforts: I'm sure you can guess what it will be?  I will post more in a couple of weeks.

Till then, thank you for visiting my blog.  Have fun, whatever you are working on.

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